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CEO Founder Otis Riddim

Otis Riddim Records

UK Phone: +44 (0) 7960 335 865

US Phone: +1 (718) 7586200

Email: OtisRiddimRecords@yahoo.com

Otis Riddim Records

Otis Riddim Records is a London based company providing Music Production, Sound Engineering, Artist Management, Distribution and Promotion and other recording services. Working mostly with Reggae, Hip Hop, RnB and Dubs Step, but always looking to support upcoming artists in all areas. The founder of the independent record label, Otis Riddim, of the Jamaica Ruff Explosion Sound System, is committed to his artists.

"...looking forward to working with major labels. We listen to all genres of music to help us open up to different ideas in our production. Our first release entitled 'Upliftment Album' & our next release entitled 'The Right Way Album' and the new album: 'It's Emergency - Prince Pankhi feat. Mike waller, Majesstic'. "

Garth Richards aka. Otis Riddim