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Wed, 29th Nov 2017

RDX Album showcase set to Ignite 100

For immediate release November 27, 2017 Kingston Jamaica Fans in

Kingston Jamaica and its environs are in for a treat this Wednesday; as RDX showcases the RDX ‘Level Up’ album, the project that marks their 10 successful years as Dancehall’s most dynamic duo.  

The album itself, produced by Apt. 19 Music, has been performing tremendously well since it release digitally over a month ago. The project received a front page premiere on iTunes hot tracks and has been steadily growing in popularity with songs like "Private Time" in particular making an impact. 

With the ground breaking success of the first single "Shake Your Bam Bam" and its corresponding video garnering over 5 million views in less than 4 months, the full project is expected to continue this trajectory.

"People are generally pleasantly surprised at the contents of this album as it’s not what they were expecting. Its alcohol free RDX music, but that's what makes it a ‘level up’ from what is expected from RDX," Delomar stated .

The duo wanted to give Jamaica the first taste of the album showcase before taking it on the road. They will be doing an exclusive album presentation and LIVE band performance at 100 Hope Road this Wednesday night as part of the Hundred LIVE series. After this showcase the duo will take the same band presentation to North America and then Europe in early 2018 

"Fans can expect an intimate, friendly setting where they can "Level Up" their ears and hearts to RDX music this Wednesday night, it's unexpected and a refreshing twist to RDX's already appealing flavour, " Renigade added.

The Level Up Album showcase at 100 Hope Road will also feature music from ZJ Rush and will be hosted by ZJ Sparks and Christopher Daley with special guest speaker the Minister of Health Dr Christopher Tufton.

RDX is set to officially launch the album in various parts of the world including New York City and Central America. The Apt.19 team is working on something extra special for the worldwide album presentations and will be making these announcements very soon.

RDX - Shake Your Bam Bamhttps://www.youtube.com/watch? v=WjminpmcAYA


Sun, 4th Jun 2017

A MAN A MISSION Nesbeth Rocks Ohio and Mentor Prison Inmates

Despite his mild mannered persona, Reggae hit-maker Nesbeth was in scintillating form over the weekend delivering a pair of thought provoking performances in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio to the hundreds who turned out to witness the showcase.

Making his debut in both spaces the ‘New Gangster’ crooner was anything but reserved as he ensnared the audience with tracks like ‘Guns Out’, ‘My Dream’ and a moving tribute to his late wife amid the thirty minutes set.
“I couldn’t have asked for a better audience they were very receptive and appreciative. I fed off the crowd’s energy and that helped me to deliver a great set. What more can I say but a big thank you to the people of Ohio.”  - Nesbeth exclaimed.
Seguing to the local scene, in recent times the Rastafarian singer has intensified his campaign aimed at uplifting the youths especially the disenfranchised and those most affected by the socio-economic perils of Jamaica.  Prior to his departure the singer again visited the Spanish Town Adult Correctional Centre to perform and mentor inmates.

During his performance at the facility, Nesbeth took time out to admonish inmates about the path of criminality stating he earnestly want to see a better Jamaica in which offenders can be reintegrated into society as productive and upstanding citizens. During one of the many segments Nesbeth alluding to the lyrics of his current single ‘New Gangster’ specifically to the line, ‘Bad and still hungry a luu (nonsense) gangster’.

He continued,  “You are all in here for various reasons none of which I know, but here is something I want you to think about. What sense does it makes for you to be carrying around with an illegal weapon that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and yet can’t find food to eat? As much as this may sound like a joke growing up in the inner-city I have seen some ‘supposed gangsters’ walking around with guns that weigh more than them. They don’t even have the energy to lift it up properly. The money you take buying that gun could be used to start up a small business to better yourself and your families.”

In concluding Nesbeth received a rousing applause  before singing ‘New Gangster’ to close out his visit.
Currently, working on the video shoot for ‘New Gangster’ Nesbeth is slated to perform at the Police Federation Conference on May 9th at Iberostar Hotel;Caribbean Village Culture Festival June 25th Fort Lauderdale  Beforing jetting of to Atlanta on 29th of June 

Mon, 24th Oct 2016

Nesbeth's song of the year

The IRAWMA award marks Nesbeth’ third for the year, he previously won ‘Song of the Year’ at the 2016 JARIA Awards and the UNIA Marcus Garvey Award for Music in August

2016 was a roller coaster of a year for Reggae Artist NESBETH!

We watched as he painfully and publicly mourned the lost his beautiful wife and mother of his children to long battle with cancer, then we watched him lose is beloved sister within 3 months of his wife passing! We all watched as Nesbeth pulled off a MONSTER HIT with his “MY DREAM”. The timing of it all was rather unreal.

With tremendous resolve, he took on the roll as fulltime single parent full on, planning birthday parties, attending school functions; all while he’s working hard, traveling the world performing what had become a legitimate ANTHEM of 2015/2016!

Nesbeth’s dream seemed a reality ; October 2nd was the International Reggaé  & World Music Awards (IRAWMA) and yes NESBETH among several other Reggae heavy hitters were present but he came away the coveted tittle of owning the BEST SONG OF THE YEAR 2016! In accepting the award said the Trench Town native said, “Winning the IRAWMA for ‘Best Song of the Year’ on my Birthday was more than a present... tears of joy. I would like to dedicate this to my Wife, My Children, My Team and my Loyal Fans thanks be to Jah.”

Mon, 23rd May 2016

Some Dispute Beenie Man’s Claim that He Introduced Dancehall to the World .(Written by StephanieK)


With the sampling of Beenie Man’s ‘Controlla’ on Drake’s fourth studio recording “View,” some controversy has arisen about Beenie Man’s claim to have introduced the world to dancehall and his self-proclaimed description as the “King of Dancehall.” In an interview with Billboard Magazine, Beenie Man answered a question about whether he felt he had to protect the culture of dancehall by saying, “I have to protect the culture. Even when I go on tour, I don’t do other songs, just dancehall music. I introduce the world to what dancehall is ’cause I’m the king of it, and I have to work to keep it up. Jamaica needs trendsetters. They make a trend so the next artist can follow that trend. I stand for dancehall 100 percent and I’m still working and making music for a new album, Unstoppable. [I’ve been] working on it for nine years now.” In response to these remarks, MC Nuffy said that Beenie Man needs to understand that he has played a large role in the dancehall business, but he should respect the musicians that came before him. According to Nuffy, “Beenie Man nah accept that we have a new ‘Dancehall King’. But at the same time, we were expected to accept him during the time when he wanted to take Yellow Man out of the spot.”

Read more: http://jamaicans.com/beenie-man-claims-dancehall-world/#ixzz49WSxiRFF


Sat, 29th Aug 2015

RDX Accosted by police in Trinidad

  Dancehall Duo RDX has had their show stopping performance at Island Rave in San Fernando Trinidad; on Saturday August 22, marred by an unpleasant encounter with the Trinidadian authorities.

Travelling with Road Manager Kirk Wright, Zj Dymond and video directors Xtreme Arts, the duo arrived at the venue and were searched by security at the entrance. The security personal however alerted the police to what they claimed to be a firearm in RDX’s Road Manager's bag.

They surrounded our vehicle with guns out, we were told that we had to exit our vehicle for them to search for the firearm inside and proceeded to conduct a thorough search of everyone as well” Renigade explained

The suspected firearm however turned out to be a stack of promotional CDs. The duo received no apology from the police or security personal for this obvious violation.

Our Road Manager only had promo CDs in his bag. I don’t know how someone could mistake CDs for a firearm. Guess it was a new gun only they know exist.” Renigade added

This is the first time the duo has faced this kind of negative attention in the Twin Island republic which they visit at least twice a year.

Everyone knows RDX a di girl dem artist, betta dem did sey they feel a girl hidden in we Road Manager bag, that would have made more sense!” Delomar admonished.

The Duo didn’t let this incident affect their performance however and delivered a high energy set to close the show.

They also took the opportunity to shoot the video for their Baile Funk infused ‘Push Back’ single as they always wanted to shoot a music video in Trinidad, and this song fits the location concept nicely.

The video was shot by Cashflow Xtreme Arts and should be released later this fall. This adds to the list of excellent visuals the duo will be releasing for the remainder of the year.

The "Mr. Wacky" and "Back & Forth" videos are in their final editing phase and should be released shortly. RDX will head to New York in September to prepare unique visuals for another upcoming project.